The Potential Use of MMS in Business Sector 11/2002

This unique study is based on quantitative market research carried out during October 2002. Three thousand respondents from various Czech firms were involved in the survey. The study concentrates on the potential use of MMS in the business sector.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) – the research incorporates qualitative analysis of an open question, in response to which respondents presented their ideas for potential uses of MMS in their companies. As the theme is very up-to-the-minute, the research serves as a source of information and inspiration for marketing campaigns, as well as for application and supply development targeted at a specific group of business users.

The MMS research was completed in two phases:

 (1)       Qualitative thematic analysis was carried out to divide respondents’ answers into 7 main categories and 23 subcategories. Each category refers to a specific type of MMS use, and is explained and described in the text of the study. Examples of responses comprise an integral part of each category description. This qualitative analysis itself is a significant result of the study. It describes and categorises specific kinds of MMS use in the business sector in detail, and gives over 200 examples of individual answers. These examples may serve as a priceless source of information for application and supply development targeted towards specific groups of business users, as well as for marketing purposes.

(2)      Quantitative analysis was carried out to compare all categories, and analyse them by basic characteristics of the companies involved in the research (i.e. number of employees, annual turnover, type of company, respondent branch and position).

The study totals 45 pages. Thirty tables and graphs are included, as well as 200 examples of specific ideas for MMS use in companies, as pictured by respondents.

Those seriously interested in this research are offered thr full version of the study, including a thorough outline of the statistic characteristics  of companies involved in the research. Contact us if you like to receive the full report.